5 Ways to Be a Digital Minimalist

Jonathan Manor looks at minimalism and the ways he can apply it to his digital world.

A big welcome to Jonathan as his first guest post here!

5 Tips on Giving Feedback

Do you ever get feedback that’s supposed to be “constructive criticism” but feels like somebody’s hitting your ego in the face with a brick? Here are some tips on giving feedback and asking for better feedback!

7 Facts About Life, Parenting and Blogging

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How Smart Phones Make Us Like the Borg

You can access all the information on the internet via a smart phone. You can upload everything you know to the internet. We have become the Borg from Star Trek!

How to Fake Your Way to Popularity

You become popular by being good or being cool, or being perceived as either. And your initial popularity seeds more popularity. Here’s how to plant those seeds.

3 Tips from a Supermom

Idearella’s siblings, TP Boy and Z Girl, discuss three tips from our super hero mom.

A Texasism Explained: Fixin’ To

Got a Texan friend? Are you sometimes confused by his language? Here’s a video explanation of the most common Texasism.

5 Resolutions for Creative Thinkers

Have you finished your list of New Year’s resolutions? Did you include a New Year’s resolution encouraging your creative thinking? It’s not too late to add one! Here are five resolutions that develop your creative thinking side.

5 Steps to Writing a Great New Year’s Resolution

If you don’t already have your resolutions, you might feel you’re a little behind. Not to worry, you can resolve to do anything at any time to make improvements in your life. Here’s a step-by-step guide to creating statements that ensure success.

10 Steps to Surviving a New Year’s Eve Party

New Year’s Eve Parties or any other drunk night… follow these steps to make your evening a success.