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What are we fighting for?

I have joined my friends over at Reality for a Change and Tamar Coaching in a blog game. We all decided to write a post called “What are we fighting for?” The rules? Use any or all meanings of the question you can think of. It’s due tomorrow and here I am, just now putting…

How to Be Antagonistic with Minimal Effort

If you had the power to be a sh*t stirrer on cue with no effort, you could be invincible. Here’s some tips on how to do it.

What does your Twitter list say about you?

If we’re all shouting into the echo chamber of twitter and none of us are reading what each other is tweeting because we simply can’t keep track of that many people, why are we doing it?

6 Ways to Manage Social Networking

Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and whatever comes next. Are you able to handle them all? Here are six options to get you through and keep you connected, with minimal time expenditure.

7 Facts About Life, Parenting and Blogging

Do you run into bumps in the road of life? How about in other obligations or activities? Here are some facts about the bumps in the road of life (with interesting notes on parenting and blogging).

How Smart Phones Make Us Like the Borg

You can access all the information on the internet via a smart phone. You can upload everything you know to the internet. We have become the Borg from Star Trek!

How to Fake Your Way to Popularity

You become popular by being good or being cool, or being perceived as either. And your initial popularity seeds more popularity. Here’s how to plant those seeds.

3 Tips from a Supermom

Idearella’s siblings, TP Boy and Z Girl, discuss three tips from our super hero mom.

A Texasism Explained: Fixin’ To

Got a Texan friend? Are you sometimes confused by his language? Here’s a video explanation of the most common Texasism.

5 Resolutions for Creative Thinkers

Have you finished your list of New Year’s resolutions? Did you include a New Year’s resolution encouraging your creative thinking? It’s not too late to add one! Here are five resolutions that develop your creative thinking side.