About Idearella

About the Blog

This blog is for self improvement in the area of creativity and outside-the-box problem solving. It’s also about having some alternate thinking fun!

Reading the inventive and innovative ways to look at the world, you can learn to look at challenges of life and business from an alternative point of view. Or just have fun with it!

With this new perspective, you can handle challenges better and with a more optimistic perspective. Or just impress your friends with your amazing wit!

If you have questions, you can connect with Bon via email (bon at mathfour dot com) or via Twitter or Facebook.

About the Writer

A sense of curiosity and wonder mixed with the lack of fear to experiment propels her through life. Growing up without Google, she had to figure out the answers to all questions that plagued her.

When she was eight, she speculated that the staple knew when it was done going through paper and would curl automatically if there was no more paper. Lacking fear, she decided to test a staple’s knowledge by stapling her finger. She quickly learned the smiley face on the bottom had a purpose other than decoration!

Idearella isBon Crowder. Painfully creative from birth, she offers this unique and irreverent style of thinking and experimenting through Idearella.com.

Bon is also the rogue math mom behind MathFour.com and That’s Math! She also designed and programmed Texas Apps for the iPhone.