What are we fighting for?

In Cold Blood..

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I have joined my friends over at Reality for a Change and Tamar Coaching in a blog game. We all decided to write a post called “What are we fighting for?”

The rules? Use any or all meanings of the question you can think of.

It’s due tomorrow and here I am, just now putting finger to keyboard to knock it out.

I fight for nothing.

I learned something last night while watching Intervention. As I sat there not working on anything at all, I gave up feeling guilty about it. Just gave it up. Instantly my jaws loosened.

I’d been fighting for something I knew was there, but I couldn’t see. And suddenly I heard the small child pointing and yelling, “The Emperor is naked!”

Yes – the thing I was fighting for isn’t there. Someone said it was. Someone said that only those who are smart and good at their jobs can see it. But they were swindlers and hoodwinkers.

I am smart. And I am good at my job – all of them. Sometimes I struggle and sometimes I don’t feel smart or good at anything. And that’s when the hoodwinkers can strike.

And they may be non-existant as well. Who knows. I’m my own worst enemy. I could be the only one who suckers me into fighting for things that aren’t there.

I fight for everything.

I see that it’s nothing, and yet I still fight. I struggle because that’s the human condition. I complain because it’s my nature.

My friend asked me to go for a walk today. Just a walk. But I thought he had some great juicy gossip. Nope. Just wanted to get some fresh air.

I don’t want drama in my own life, but I need spice. A challenge. The struggle. Just a little.

I want the fight.

To bleed just to know I’m alive.

– Idearella

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