Why Watching TV is Just Fine

This brainercise will help you to:

  1. Distract your front brain so your back brain can work.
  2. Overcome feeling guilt for not feeling guilty.
  3. Justify a giant screen TV.

I have a number of friends who don’t own a TV. The first thing I think of when I hear this is, “$500/year average in TV purchasing (go ahead — do the math) and $75/month in cable TV savings. What I could do with that money…” The second thing is, “Gee, you must get so much done.”

Let’s be real. What comes to mind is, “How pompous — you think you’re so much better than we plebeians because you don’t need the boob tube to feed your brain.”

Many of these friends have good reasons. They all make sense. And still, I reach for the remote control.*

I just finished watching an episode of Deadwood that I had DVRed off DirecTV 101. Knowing that I could be writing a blog post or coding the next iPhone app that will take over the world, I find myself wanting to feel guilty. What I really feel is guilt for not feeling guilty. What’s that for?

I am of the belief that if something feels right it probably is, unless you’re dealing with some strange psychosis. I’m a normal functioning person of society, so we will assume I am not dealing with a strange psychosis. If I can’t muster guilt for watching TV, it must be just fine.

I wrote in a previous blog post about exercising and listening to music. I opined that this would distract your front brain while your back brain worked, allowing amazing things to happen. When you distract the front brain, you allow the subconscious thinking, the “sleeping on it” factor, to happen. Watching television distracts your front brain and gives you other inputs on which your back brain can later work.

One might argue that reading can do this as well. True. Why not take advantage of all sources of extra input for your back brain? Exercise and listen to music, watch a little TV, read a little. The more input, the more fodder for the brain.


  1. Buy a big-screen TV. (Okay, this is optional but it definitely appeals to the male reading audience.)
  2. Make a list of your favorite shows.
  3. Figure out how to make your DVR work and record all of your favorite shows.
  4. When you can, and in between brainercises and brilliant flashs of innovation and creation, watch them. (You needn’t watch them all, sometimes it is nice to just have them recorded. The anticipation to do something is half the fun.)
  5. Feel no guilt.

Here is my favorites list today:

Please comment with your favorites.

Stay curious!        
— Idearella            

* The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends that children under two not watch TV at all. We intend to keep Daughter away from the boob tube at least that long. Which pseudo-puts me in the arrogant, smug not-watching-TV club with the added twist of being in the I’m-such-a-great-parent club. Double arrogant. Double smug. With extra cheese.

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