Make Words Like Webster

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Do you know of someone who uses two-bit words? Do you wish you could use fancy words but don’t have the time to increase your vocabulary?

Fear not!

Here’s an easy way to make your own word:

  1. Take three consonants from your name. (I’m Bon Crowder so I’ll uses B, N and C.)
  2. Reverse them. (C, N, B)
  3. Put vowels in between the letters. (cenab)
  4. Add “ish” at the end if it needs it. (cenabish)
  5. Use it a few times in an email to other people. Here is where you establish in your own mind the meaning of your new word. Put it in context so you can get the feel for it. (I noticed this morning the frown on your face. I hated to see you so cenabish, so I wanted to make sure everything was fine.)

Please share your new word in the comments section.

— Idearella

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