How to Apply Facts About a Person to Find the Perfect Gift

Happy Gift Unwrapping!
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This is the third in a series. Find #1 here and #2 here.

Looking to find the perfect gift? Here are ways to apply what you know about a person to find it. Check out yesterday’s list of questions to gather the information about your receiver.

After asking yourself the questions, you will have collected a list of passions, hobbies, and topics of interest for your prospective gift receiver. Here’s how you apply that information:

Google Search

What she talks about – Google it. A hobby he has – Google it. If you stumble upon a site that has advertisements, those might be a good place to look for gifts.

Websites & Magazines

I suggested you sneak in a look at the computer history while visiting your prospective receiver’s home. Now check those sites out. Read the blogs he reads, look up online versions of the magazines.

Look for ads on these sites – check those for gift ideas. If you aren’t satisfied with those gift ideas, use the information in the sites and mags to do more Googling.


Normally a garment as a gift is a little cheesy, but if the receiver is part of the fashion police and you’ve gotten her the perfect blouse, you’re golden. The big problem is the size. Get it wrong, and you’re done for.

Instead use clothing style to pick an accessory. Ball cap dude? Pick out a fun new cap or a pair of boxers with his hobby or sport printed on it (fishing is a popular boxer print, I’ve noticed). Tailored shirt man? Cuff links.

For the ladies – watch their jewelry and accessories carefully. If she wears large, brightly colored baubles, get more. Subdued and simple jewelry – stick with those.

Movies & TV

Search ebay for products with the names of popular movies and TV shows. Combine other things you know about your receiver to choose the right one. Ball caps and cuff links, for example, might both be available with the show’s logo.


Is your receiver a reader? If they read paper books, consider some nice reading gifts. eBooks? You can find a fun cover for their eReader.

Last and not least

Choose a gift from a place with lots of different options and check the return policy. Don’t worry about your receiver already having something. If you give a gift that shows you know them and include a gift receipt – it will be the perfect gift.

Let us know how the gift giving goes. Share in the comments.

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