Chasing Down Rabbit Holes (and not doing what I need to be doing)

I have that internal Alice in Wonderland that thinks rabbit holes are for running into.

We’ve decided to go with for our text messaging solution right now. It’s pretty cheap and okay in features, but they are super great folks. And sometimes, you gotta go with the gut, not just the bottom line. (And they have the nifty features in the works, so it’s not like they’re ignoring it.)

But I spent about 15 hours this weekend thinking, “I can build a text messaging app!” and hunting down various services, tools and eLearning to figure out how.

This is why the minimum viable product (MVP) is so important. You spend far too much time trying to figure out (make up/guess) the Best Solution (BS).

So I have to take a step back, acknowledge my distraction and refocus.

I can’t take it as a “waste” though. And that’s super important. I didn’t waste time. I merely stretched my brain in ways I didn’t really expect to.

Which means I’ll be better all around. And more prepared to tackle the real things as they come up.

As long as I make sure the real things aren’t white rabbits.


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